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The public API service for precious metals rates — gold, silver, platinum, palladium + 12 additional commodity metals, and cryptocurrencies.


Live data

When precious metals markets are open for trading, real-time market data is available.


Last spot prices

Last spot prices for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other commodities.


Historic data

Historic data currently available for all supported metal types for the last ≈24 hours.


Endpoint Method Description
/v1/spot GET Combined real time streaming latest precious metal spot USD prices: gold (toz), silver (toz), platinum (toz), palladium (toz).
/v1/spot/gold GET Au97 Gold spot prices for the last ≈24 hours
/v1/spot/silver GET Ag108 Silver spot prices for the last ≈24 hours
/v1/spot/platinum GET Pt78 Platinum spot prices for the last ≈24 hours
/v1/spot/palladium GET Pd46 Palladium spot prices for the last ≈24 hours
/v1/spot/commodities GET Combined hourly commodity metals USD prices: iridium (toz), rhodium (toz), ruthenium (toz), aluminum (lb), copper (lb), lead (lb), nickel (lb), tin (lb), zinc (lb), cobalt (lb)NEW, bronze (lb)NEW, brass (lb)NEW.
/v1/spot/iridium GET Ir77
/v1/spot/rhodium GET Rh45
/v1/spot/ruthenium GET Ru44
/v1/spot/aluminum GET Al13
/v1/spot/copper GET Cu25
/v1/spot/lead GET Pb82
/v1/spot/nickel GET Ni28
/v1/spot/tin GET Sn50
/v1/spot/zinc GET Zn30
/v1/spot/cobaltNEW GET Co27
/v1/spot/bronzeNEW GET
/v1/spot/brassNEW GET
/v1/spot/cryptocurrencies GET Combined cryptocurrencies USD prices: dogecoin (doge), shiba inu (shib)NEW, zombie inu (zinu)NEW.

When using service with API key key, append it at the end of the endpoint URL. Example:

API key is not required for applications making under 30,000 requests per month, subject to change.

Want to use this API in your project? Email us to inquire about currently available packages and pricing.

Mobile app

Metals live logo

Try the privacy mobile app for precious metals numismatists and stackers.

Metals is the mobile application for precious metals numismatists and stackers with emphasis on privacy. A collection built in this app only lives on the device. It is never backed up to any server. Users are therefore responsible for backing up their collection.

Metals app allows users to add their inventory and watch investment gain/loss in real-time when precious metals markets are open for trading. The app also allows various attribution to be added to inventory.

Analytics and virtual vault furthermore add a fun factor to numismatists and stackers on their collecting journey.

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Service status

Tip: check metal spot prices by typing curl in your CLI.


For business or support inquiries, please send email to or direct message to Instagram metalslive LinkedIn


Do you use CLI? Try our fun microservice by typing curl in your terminal to find out precious metal spot prices.

Below is interactive demonstration of how it works: